The Beginning

For a few months now I have been looking at the benefits of feeding Rico, Lucy, and Bugsy a raw diet. Seeing and hearing what’s in kibble scares me, as high quality as it claims to be, I still wonder – Can I be doing better by them? As humans we wouldn’t be able to sustain on an all-inclusive “kibble” meals, so why should they? I already know they love watermelon, lettuce, carrots, so why not incorporate them into their diet?

Then, I get laid off unexpectedly giving me even more time to dig into this….then my favorite local Pet Store (and the only place I buy their food)  -has recently decided to go all raw……my interest grows……so I start Googling.

I’m perusing FaceBook one day and what appears? A post from the PetStore saying they are looking for part-time help, OMG! This has to be a sign. I a luky enough to be in a position to not have to go back to a corporate job but, do I something I love. So I e-mail them and explain I was just laid off, blah, blah – within hours they call me back and ask me to come in. Long story short – I got the job! The licensed pet nutritionist who has just been hired there as well suggests I watch a documentary called Pet Fooled. I immediately go home and watch it and am nauseated from what I see and hear.

I take all of this as a sign that I need to transition my dogs from the kibble they are on to a raw diet. And, I will be able to do so under the guidance of an expert, which is even more exciting!

I’ve decided to start this blog to capture their transition on the diet and hopefully change how people look at Raw Diets and to be able to see the progression my dogs.

First blog postcropped-dsc_0283-2.jpg

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