4 Months Later…

What’s happened….

So, a lot has happened in the 4 months since I last posted.  I finally have the dogs transitioned to a full raw diet but,  I was a little nervous, I have to admit, and went a longer route than usual to get myself used to the idea of raw, and handling it!

In August I transitioned them from Acana (which is an amazing kibble, one of the best out there but, I knew I could do better) to The Honest Kitchen.  Within 2 weeks my husband and I saw a huge difference!  Their teeth were cleaner, their coats shed and regrew softer, they have no gas, I could go on and on.

The Honest Kitchen is an amazing food.  It’s a fully balanced dehydrated raw food, so all you have to do is add water or Goats Milk!  It was so easy for my husband and we decided to keep the pooches on it for a while.  And, it was balanced for all Life Stages making it appropriate for all of our dogs.

Then, due to my job, we started learning more and more about Primal.  They offer a frozen, raw diet, easy to serve, made in patties.  They are measured out for you and you just defrost them and feed.  I decided to transition the dogs as the next step in getting them (and me) closer to a Biologically Appropriate menu.  What I love about Primal is that you read the ingredients and know EVERY single one!

A few weeks ago I resigned my position from the shop due to personal reasons.  Now money is tighter and it’s time to go a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.  I reached out to a Nutritionist to have Custom Meal Plans made for all the dogs for a starting point.

The First Week – OH MY GOSH! I need to get Pork Loin, Duck Neck, Pork Liver, and Beef Kidney……how am I even going to touch this?!  We got through the first week better than I thought, it was hard to source some items but I was able to do it by going to local butcher shops, Asian Markets, and the farm stands we have around.

The Second Week – FISH!  The one food that makes me so sad, lol.  But, I found local fish markets and got what they needed.  After a few days of fish though I decided maybe they can have it a few times a month, haha.  My husband loved it because the house smelled like his grandmothers on Plum Island.

The Third Week  – I’m getting the hang of this and love it!

We have already seen our food cost go down dramatically and even though I am not working we are still able to provide our lovies with the best possible diet.

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