Mom finally did it!!

Mom finally finished her training and is Certified in Raw Feeding!  Now our meals are going to get good!!!!! Woof Woof!!!!!

Thanks Lucy, I’m going to take over now.

I am so happy I have finally finished the raw training Certification course through Dogs Naturally University!  I am so ready to start helping people and their furry companions be the best they can be by getting back to the diets Mother Nature intended them to be on!  I finally feel I have found the direction I am supposed to go in this crazy trip we call life.

So much has happened besides that but, these are things, only raw feeders get excited about, haha.

I was finally able to source duck necks locally, as well as finding a raw food co-op which we just placed our first order with last night so fingers crossed.  If it works I have been able to bring our food bill down from $600 a month on a commercial raw diet, to $400 when I first started sourcing myself, to $350, and this order from last night was $270 for 6 weeks worth of food.  That’s right.  6 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I will need to add is another $60 or so in supplements and extra duck necks as they did not have them in stock.  So, right there you can see the savings I was able to achieve by taking my time and being patient.  So much of it is learning on a curve.  You get to the store and they are out of something you need so there you are staring off into space trying to figure out what you can substitute, how much you need, what a good price per pound is….lol.  It’s  harder than it looks!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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