Bugsy is turning 1!!!

Bugsy is turning 1 on the 9th!  I am so excited!!!  He went to his vet today for a checkup and she said he looked PERFECT! However…….and here comes what all raw feeders dread….she was concerned about his Frankenprey Diet.

So, I said I totally understand, what are your concerns?  SHE SAT DOWN!  WE HAD A CONVERSATION!  At the end she said I had addressed all her concerns and she was confident my dog was receiving all the nutrients he needed AND I had clearly done my research.  I told her I wish every vet was like her, that every vet would have the conversation rather then immediately poo-pooing raw feeding.

I love Raw Feeding and get so excited when I get to talk about it, I am always open to someone else’s opinion but, have strongly developed my own and have the science to back it up.

So, here are Bugsy’s blood-work results…they are perfect.  I love science 🙂

PS- Here’s an updated picture of everyone!


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